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Biopolymers in Buttocks

What is Biopolymer Removal Buttocks?

The Importance of Safe Biopolymer Removal from Buttocks

The safe removal of biopolymers from the buttocks is a crucial procedure for those seeking to correct complications arising from biopolymer injections in the buttocks. Biopolymers in the buttocks, often administered as biopolymer butt shots or biopolymer butt injections, can cause a range of health and aesthetic issues if not handled properly. 

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Biopolymers Butt Shots

Dr. Pachón pioneer of the mask technique for biopolymer removal in buttocks

As a plastic surgeon, reconstructive microsurgeon, and expert in biopolymer removal, particularly in the buttocks region, I will explain as clearly and detailed as possible what this condition consists of, the importance of its removal, the consequences for your health, and the chosen technique for biopolymer removal. This technique, known as the open technique, has been developed with excellent results since 2013, and I want to mention that I am a worldwide pioneer in the treatment of biopolymer extraction in all areas of the human body, including biopolymers in buttocks.

Biopolymers in Buttocks Reconstruction

Pachón Criteria: The Key to Successful Gluteal Biopolymer Removal

Gluteal reconstruction is the most important aesthetic aspect for those patients who, after biopolymer butt injections, feel that their buttocks have asymmetries, irregularities, or sequelae from a biomaterial; but in order to undergo this process, several criteria must first be met, which I have called Pachón’s criteria:

  1. Having documented removal by diagnostic imaging of more than 85% of the product.
  2. Having negative severity immunological markers.
  3. Being asymptomatic.
  4. Not having gluteal implants

Creator of the M.A.S.K. Technique for Biopolymer Removal

Transforming Safely: M.A.S.K. Technique for Biopolymer Removal Buttocks

The M.A.S.K. technique (Meticulous Approach Safer and Keeper) or Dr. Jaime Pachón’s mask consists of the open biopolymers in buttocks to optimize the maximum possible removal. Remember that if you have biopolymer, it is not possible to remove 100% of the product, which is why, during the consultation, Dr. Jaime Pachón will explain to you about this open technique, what the procedure consists of, the type of technology to be used as a complement to the open technique, indication, and the way to apply this technique through the use of aesthetic subunits to choose the location of the scar in case you are not a candidate for the mask technique.

Successful case of biopolymer removal on buttocks 1 Case of success after biopolymer removal on the buttocks

Creator of the M.A.S.K. Technique for Biopolymer Removal

Transforming Safely: M.A.S.K. Technique for Biopolymer Removal Buttocks

case of success before buttock surgery with biopolymers 2 Case of success after buttock surgery with biopolymers
Successful surgery after biopolymer removal in buttocks Successful case after biopolymer removal in the buttocks
Successful case of patients before biopolymer removal in buttocks Successful case of patients after biopolymer removal in buttocks
Patient testimonials before buttocks biopolymer removal Patient testimonials after buttocks biopolymer removal

Navigating Biopolymer Removal in Buttocks

Expert Guidance on Biopolymer Removal in Buttocks

Recovery After Biopolymer Removal in Buttocks

Expert Guidance on Biopolymer Removal in Buttocks

Biopolymer removal in buttocks separator design

After undergoing biopolymer removal surgery, it is crucial to properly follow the recovery process to achieve expected results and minimize complications. Below are the relevant aspects regarding the recovery time and outcomes.

Recovery Time After Biopolymer Removal

Recovery Mastery: Biopolymers Butt Shots Explained

Biopolymer removal in buttocks separator design

The recovery time following surgery varies from patient to patient, but generally, it can take more than 90 days. During this period, it is crucial to follow the instructions given by Dr. Jaime Pachón to ensure proper healing and avoid complications. Discomfort, swelling, and bruising may occur in the treated area, but these symptoms tend to diminish gradually.

It is advisable to get enough rest and avoid intense physical activities during the first few weeks. Additionally, maintaining a balanced diet to support the recovery process is important.

biopolymers in plastic surgery

Exploring Biopolymers in Buttocks: FAQs Addressed by a Specialist

Your Guide to Biopolymer Butt Shots: Risks, Effects, and Removal

Biopolymers, commonly known as biopolymer butt injections, are synthetic substances injected into the buttocks to enhance their appearance. These injections often contain hazardous materials that can lead to severe health complications. Therefore, biopolymer removal from buttocks becomes crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals who have undergone such procedures. Removing biopolymers from buttocks requires specialized medical attention and procedures to minimize risks and restore the natural state of the body. Seeking professional assistance for the removal of biopolymers buttocks is essential for preventing adverse effects and maintaining optimal health

Biopolymers, such as those used in biopolymer butt injections, pose significant risks to health. These substances can cause a range of adverse effects, including inflammation, infections, granulomas, and even systemic complications. Additionally, biopolymers in buttocks can migrate to other parts of the body, leading to further health issues. It is crucial to understand the potential risks of biopolymers and their impact on health to make informed decisions about their removal. Seeking professional assistance for biopolymer removal buttocks is essential to mitigate these risks and safeguard your well-being

The surgery for removing biopolymers typically involves several steps to ensure safe and effective removal. First, the surgeon will assess the extent of biopolymer deposition and any associated complications. Then, they will create an incision in the affected area to access the biopolymer deposits. Specialized techniques and tools may be used to carefully extract the biopolymers while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues. Once the biopolymers are removed, the incision is closed, and the patient is monitored closely for any post-operative complications. It’s essential to consult with a qualified specialist experienced in biopolymer removal buttocks to ensure a successful procedure and optimal outcomes.

Detecting the presence of biopolymers in the body often requires medical evaluation and diagnostic procedures. However, some common symptoms may indicate their presence. These can include:

  1. Persistent pain or discomfort in the buttocks or injection site.
  2. Visible lumps, nodules, or irregularities under the skin
  3. Redness, swelling, or inflammation in the buttocks area.
  4. Chronic infections or abscesses that do not resolve with treatment.
  5. Changes in the appearance or texture of the skin over time.

If you experience any of these symptoms or suspect that you may have been injected with biopolymers, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional experienced in biopolymer removal buttocks. Early detection and intervention can help prevent further complications and ensure optimal treatment outcomes

Biopolymer removal requires specialized expertise and training in plastic surgery. Qualified professionals such as board-certified plastic surgeons with experience in cosmetic procedures are best suited to perform biopolymer removal safely and effectively.

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